Stop roof leaks virtually forever: Hire an Authorized Hydro-Stop Roofing Contractor

More Hydro-Stop Colors for energy savings

Your roof is exposed to alot of rain, humidity, wind and heat if it is located in North Florida or Jacksonville. The perfect solution would be to find a "weather-proof" roof coating to protect your investment for many years.

The solution? A roof that is virtually “Leak Proof”, reduces your Energy Bill, is Energy Star Rated and thus qualifies for the Energy Tax Credit as well as offers a renewable roofing warranty you can count on year after year – in fact, virtually forever - can be yours when you hire an Authorized Hydro-Stop Roofing Contractor to protect your metal or asphalt roof. (White is the approved color for the Energy Star rating)

The famous Hydro-Stop Warranty

Hydro-stop is a three step application that when properly applied, carries a 10 year renewable warranty. In other words, at the end of your first 10 years, all that is required to renew your warranty for another 10 year warranty term is simply have your roofing contractor clean the roof and reapply the top coating. Voila’! You’re good to go for another 10 years…and at the end of that 10 years, have your roofing contractor simply do it again…and at the end of that 30 years (if the rest of the building is still standing) yes, you guessed it, just do it again and again indefinitely. Conceivably, the roof can outlast the rest of the building! (You may want to consider Hydro-Stop for your foundation, walls, parapets and other water vulnerable areas as well.)

Hydro-Stop is a class apart from other waterproofing and energy saving products

What sets Hydro-Stop apart from other products on the market today is more than their renewable warranty…it is the fact that it also carries a Cool-Roof, Energy Star product rating from the Cool Roof Rating Council. When your roofing contractor properly applies the correct Hydro-Stop product to asphalt and/or metal roofs, not only does it offer superior waterproofing, it reduces the amount of heat absorption by reflecting heat back into the atmosphere instead of absorbing it into the building itself. This reduction in heat absorption means an energy savings to you that can be quite substantial, perhaps to the tune of up to 30% depending upon size, insulation, building location, etc.. Whether your building is a 1,000 sq. foot residential bungalow or a 20,000 sq foot industrial plant, savings of this magnitude should not be taken lightly.

Hydro-Stop is not just for roofs

The Hydro-Stop Logo claims to waterproof almost anything…and while it might not be good to coat the dog they feature on their advertising, it certainly is appropriate to coat any part of a building that has a potential to crack or leak. Stucco, concrete or masonry walls, parapets, commercial planters, decks, wood and brick walls (even basements, though not a Florida amenity) are just a few of the common materials and areas that develop stress cracks and result in damp build-up over time. Hydro-Stop makes a specific product to protect these critical areas as well, both acting as a “filler” as well as a waterproofing agent. They also carry the famous 10 year renewable warranty if applied by an Authorized Hydro-Stop Contractor. Even on these “Non-Roof” areas, Hydro-Stop will stand behind their renewable 10 year warranty if the proper product is used by an Authorized Contractor in accordance with the manufacturers requirements.

Excel is your Jacksonville Florida Authorized Hydro-Stop Contractor

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