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What is a Roofing Warranty?

Roofing Warranties come in two parts:

  1. The Material Warranty from the manufacturer covering the product that is installed.
  2. The Workmanship Warranty offered by the roofing contractor who installs it.

Residential manufacturer warranties range anywhere from 20 years on a new roof, to basically the life of the structure, depending on the type of roof that is installed, i.e., shingle, metal, tile or flat.


In a commercial application, there is a term referred to as a "No Dollar Limit" or NDL Warranty. This type of warranty assures the building owner that their roofing system is covered against failure without financial limit through the specified warranty period. Not all contractors are able to offer, or be approved for, this type of warranty... Excel Roofing Contractors is.


Some waterproofing applications, such as Hydro-Stop, are renewable warranties. This means that at the end of the warranty period, there are measures the contractor can take to renew the manufacturers warranty for another term; i.e. 10 years, in the case of Hydro-Stop. Then at the end of each 10 year term, the warranty is renewed over and over, leaving the owner with virtually a lifetime warranty.


This application process requires the roofing contractor first be approved and certified by the product manufacturer prior to the first application going on your roof...Excel Roofing Contractors is Hydro-Stop approved.


In other roof systems, many times the manufacturer must approve the contractors job performance, and the materials being used on your roof before you can receive the highest level of product warranty.


Why Choose Excel for your Roofing Warranty Application?


If you want a roof warranty you can rely on, you need a roofing contractor you can trust will still be business in years to come. If the roof company goes under, your Workmanship Warranty is usually worthless.

Don't make the mistake of hiring a roofing contractor because you are impressed by their salesmanship. You would be best served to hire a company who has passed the tests of time and maintained a solid reputation for customer excellence.

Why is a Roof Warranty important?

Properties in the Jacksonville Fl area are presented with unique challenges. For example:

  • If you live or work in the beaches area, your roof may be exposed to salt sea spray which causes erosion and deterioration.
  • Major winds cause water intrusion (leaking) if your roof is not properly sealed.
  • Extreme temperature changes cause expansion and contractions which weaken your structure through stress.
  • UV ray damage from the sun causes oxidation resulting in fading and material disintegration.
  • Proper water drainage must be addressed before work commences - not after installation

Excel takes all of this into consideration when inspecting your roof prior to suggesting materials suitable for your home or business. We also address and strengthen areas of potential weakness before beginning your new roof replacement.

Because we are licensed by the State of Florida as being professionals in our field, we are able to offer our customers the very best selection of materials at very reasonable prices.


For a roof system built to last, with some of the highest roof warranties offered in FL, commercial and residential, give us call at (904) 631-7663 and let's talk.


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