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What Cecil Field Roofing Contractors must be aware of:


Over 17,000 acres comprise the Cecil Field FL area. While the land is mostly undeveloped, the Cecil Commerce Center has very strict roofing construction requirements in place through the City of Jacksonville Economic Development Plan. For example:


Asphalt shingle roofs are forbidden while metal roofing or tile roofs are not.

Shed and mansard roofs are prohibited, while gable and hip are not.

Parapet walls are restricted by height, and roof slopes restricted by increments of horizontal to vertical rise.

Eaves must be built to a minimum overhang.


The type of buildings governed under the JDEC roofing guidelines are:


Flight Line





Hospitality (Hotels)

Educational (Schools)

Public Utilities


The goal of Cecil Commerce Center roofing in Cecil Field is to standardize variations, reduce massive sizes and add architecture interest to roof lines. The properties requiring roofing services in 32221 have restrictive guidelines in place in order to maximize property use and values.


Cecil Field Roofing Area in 32221


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