Jacksonville Metal Roofing Contractors Awarded Commercial Metal Roof Siding and Fascia Bid at NAS Jax, FL
Excel Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville Florida recently completed a custom aluminum cladding replacement by installing sheet metal fascia on the NAS Jax Flight Control Tower.  
Jacksonville FL  August 23, 2010

Excel Roofing Contractors recently installed metal roofing, siding and fascia replacement on the NAS Jacksonville Flight Control Tower cladding as part of a commercial 2.6 million dollar renovation.


Working 90 feet in the air from a 2 man hydraulic lift, experienced roofers from the Excel roofing company diligently worked to install siding made of heavy gauge custom aluminum surrounding the Flight Control Tower.


The metal roofing and siding installation was a 2 phase process in which a raised 16 gauge hatch channel was first installed over the old steel construction. Next, .063 bronze aluminum, chosen for its rigorous weight and water proof functionality, was then custom fabricated and installed under the supervision of Excel Roofing CEO and President, Scott Sorensen.


Heavier than normal sheet metal was selected for the task due to the extreme conditions of a military flight line requiring 140 mph wind speed resistance. In order to maintain structural integrity, minimize future siding repair and create an attractive appearance, the heavier gauge aluminum was installed over the preexisting steel in 12 foot lengths.


The custom installation took approximately two weeks for the Jacksonville roofing contractors to complete. Sorensen stated, “Metal can buckle, causing unsightly wrinkles if the roofer isn’t careful during metal siding installation. Experience has taught us that of all roof materials, metal and aluminum are the least forgiving so strict attention to detail is critical regardless if it is used in residential or commercial roofing applications.”


Excel Roofing was further responsible for ensuring the metal was a perfect fit to guard against leaks and installed according to the strict compliance codes of the US Military. The building improvements and repair to the Jacksonville Naval Air Station Flight Control Tower were performed by several construction companies over a period of several months.


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