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Reasons to Consider a Metal Roof

Reliability is the hallmark of metal roof materials with manufacturer warranties ranging from 20 to 50 years when the installation is performed by a professional metal roofing contractor. Even in the humid Jacksonville Florida climate, metal roofs often last as long as 75 years.

Metal Roof Types

There are basically two types of metal roofs: Those with exposed screws or fasteners and those with unexposed fasteners.


Metal roofing with interlocking seams that cover the screws (unexposed fasteners) are known as standing seam while the type with exposed screws on the outside are referred to as roof panels. The styles of roofing design are often referred to as rib panels, V, U, 5 V crimp, M seam and specialty designs such as shake, metal shingle and metal tile.


Roofing materials constructed from tin, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum and alloy combinations are commonly available. There is an endless choice of roof colors and style options from flat panels to corrugated making metal a great choice for both commercial roofing as well as residential house roofs.

Metal Roofing we Install

Standing Seam: A standing seam is a vertical metal panel that lies flat and is joined together at the sides by concealed fasteners. An interlocking joint forms a seam at the connecting points between panels making the seams a water tight barrier from rain and water spray. M Seam is an example of a standing seam design profile manufactured by Millenium Metals here in Jacksonville FL.


Standing seam roofs are usually seen on commercial roofs such as government buildings, restaurants, service stations, banks and industrial buildings. Many businesses have gone to standing seam roofs with identifying colors to be used as an brand.


Aluminum Roofing: Aluminum is a rugged choice for residential and commercial use in coastal areas such as Jacksonville Beach, St Augustine, Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra. Aluminum provides superior protection in areas that are exposed to the damaging effects of salt spray and higher wind. Aluminum roofs are available in either interlocking panels or the popular interlocking shingle and tile design.


Aluminum is also a great energy efficient choice in residential roofing systems, while offering an wide array of beautiful colors and styles. It is not uncommon for home owners to see a drop in their home heating and cooling bills of up to 20% in cost.


Corrugated Metal: Corrugated metals are a lighter weight metal roofing choice, usually in 24 - 26 gauge thicknesses, making it an ideal lower cost solution for home and commercial applications. Corrugated metal roofs are normally made of steel in the form of V, U, and 5 V crimp style of roof panels. Factory applied acrylic coatings such as Galvalume® offer greater protection against rust and corrosion on steel roofing.


The panels are secured by connecting the overlapping sheets with color coordinated screws. The roofing contractor responsible for installation should also take the time to caulk all connecting screws and seams, thus providing further protection against damaging roof leaks.


Metal Shingles, Metal Tile and Shake: Similar only in appearance with asphalt shingle, clay tile and cedar shakes, specialty designs in metal roofing such as stone coated metal shingles have become a popular choice for residential roofs, restaurants, church roofing, townhomes and condominiums.


Metal shingles, tiles and shakes add visual design appeal with none of the disadvantages of traditional roofing products due superior environmental protection, long life and extended manufacturer warranties.

Aluminum Siding

More than just roofs, commercial and industrial applications in aluminum siding is a popular selection for business owners due to low maintenance and extreme weather resistance. Residential uses are often for storage buildings and barns.


Many designs are readily available, from wood simulations to the most frequently seen industrial appearance. Factory applied finishes offer consumers an enormous color selection while boasting high corrosion protection.

Metal Roofing Prices

The price of metal roofing averages approximately 20-50% higher than the cost of a traditional asphalt shingle roof depending upon which type of roof material is chosen. Roof panels commonly referred to as "residential roofing" are often constructed from a thinner gauge, while "commercial roofing" is normally selected from standing seam designs. Standing seam is the higher priced choice.


Roof coatings can also be applied to extend the life and create a water proof barrier at very reasonable prices. Coatings cost a fraction of what a roof replacement would average and can add many serviceable years to a business or home roof.


Metal roofs come in many colors from red, green, brown, tan, blue and silver - image

Why Choose Us?

Excel roofing contractors have been repairing and installing steel, tin, aluminum roofs, metal roofing and metal siding in the Jacksonville Florida area for many years. If you are interested in knowing more we would be delighted to explain the advantages and disadvantages in the different types and styles available to you.


Excel will also perform an onsite structure evaluation and discuss the many style and pricing options available to you.

Roof Colors

metal roof colors

These are just a few of the many metal roof colors you have available to you when choosing Excel Roofing.

Actual colors will vary from your computer monitor.



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