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An affordable roof is one that gives you full value.

This means that your roof should be the best it can possibly be based on your budget, your roofing material selections and your selected warranty.


How to get a trouble-free, worry-free "affordable" roof?


A roof that is built to last and does not require you to spend additional money during it's average lifetime is usually directly related to your choice of roofing contractors.


How often we hear of (and know of) "contractors" in Jacksonville who illegally sell their services to unsuspecting property owners when they are:


  • 1. Unlicensed
  • 2. Inexperienced
  • 3. Use cheap, unskilled labor
  • 4. Are under insured (or have no insurance at all)
  • 5. Do not or cannot get required building inspections
  • 6. Are unable to build a roof to state safety codes
  • 7. Are financially unsound (leaving the property owner with unpaid material bills or without a warranty)


Any of these situations leave the propery owner very vulnerable for big trouble.


  • Further, as a result of hiring unskilled and unlicensed contractors, the city or county building authorities in which the property is located can:

  • A. Refuse the property owner use of electric, water and sewage services.
  • B. Can make the property owner tear down the roof and start over.
  • C. Charge the property owner massive fines and extra permit fees.
  • D. Refuse further building permits in the future.
  • E. Require an engineer or architect's involvement - at your expense.


To make matters worse:

  • 1. If you need to make a claim against faulty roof material, the manufacturer can refuse to honor their material warranty if it was installed improperly.
  • 2. If you need to file a weather related claim against your homeowners insurance, your insurance company may refuse to honor that claim if your roof was built without a permit or not built to state codes.
  • 3. Your insurance company may require you to pay for another roof if your existing roof was installed not meeting current building codes or was built improperly by an inexperienced or unlicensed contractor.
  • 4. If you need roof repair, you have no legal recourse against an unlicensed contractor.
  • 5. If your roof was improperly installed by inexperienced roofing contractors, or contractors who cut corners in order to save money on labor costs and materials, you may be left with a roof that does not disperse water properly, setting up an environment for mold to grow.
  • 6. Accidents happen...and if one happens to a person working on your roof that is not covered by proper insurance (which only a licensed contractor can have, but not necessarily does have), it would leave you financially responsible for medical bills and vulnerable to lawsuits.
  • 7. Using contractors who have not passed the test of time may mean you are dealing with an unstable company. These contractors have been known to walk away from their material bills with supply houses. If the bill goes unpaid, the supplier has the legal right to file a lien against your property, forcing the sale of your property in foreclosure to satisfy the unpaid material bill - even if you already paid the contractor.


Excel Roofing Contractors are Licensed, Experienced and "Affordable"


A properly and skillfully installed roof does not have to cost more. And because we are licensed and highly experienced in all types of roofing and construction, we can explain all of your options to you so you can make the very best financial decision now and for in the future.


Payment's not due until we're through

Beware the contractor who asks for upfront money. Unless it is a special order material, there should be no circumstance that would require you to advance money to any contractor.

Paying for your new Roof or Roofing Repair


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