VA - HUD - FHA - Roofing Contractors, Jacksonville Florida

If you are considering purchasing or selling a home by any other means than through conventional financing or cash, then you will quickly become familiar with the requirements of VA,, (Veterans Administration), FHA, (Federal Housing Administration),or HUD, (Housing and Urban Development). You most will also become familiar with the term WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms). Please note our WDO roofing services.


Before your closing you will require a roofing inspection, either through an appraiser or a home inspector. The purpose of the roof inspection is to verify the "life of the roof", or the remaining service years left that the roofing structure can protect the building, the owners and their contents. The VA, HUD and FHA need assurance that your roof has a minimum of 3-5 years left of serviceability before guaranteeing the loan.


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During your appraisal process, your home inspector may determine the life of your VA, HUD or FHA roof is questionable. In this case, you will most likely need a "letter of roofing inspection" from a certified roofing contractor. We will be delighted to assist you in evaluating the condition of your roof and providing such a letter.


If you have any wood rot, wood damage, small leaks, or damage due to termites, we also specialize in replacing and repairing those areas of concerns quickly so that your closing can continue on time.


Excel offers Military, Service and VA Roofing Discounts

If you or anyone in your family is a veteran or member of any branch of service, past or present, including fire and police, be sure and let us know so we can honor you with an additional discount on your roofing services.

You can rely on Excel Roofing to assist you in all your VA, HUD, and FHA roofing needs quickly and affordably. Call (904) 631-ROOF (7663) (7663) for consultation and immediate help.