Roofing properties in Foreclosure, REO and Investor markets with unique needs

Homeowners and business owners facing foreclosure while battling loss of income do not place building or roofing maintenance at the top of their priority list.

As a result, REO properties in the Jacksonville Florida and North Florida area owned by real estate investors or managed by brokers, field servicing firms, lenders or interested third parties such as potential buyers, find that many roofs on properties they own or service are in need of roof preservation, repair, re-roofing or replacement. Occasionally roofs are further damaged by weather related conditions necessitating structural assessment and field evaluation by a licensed building contractor.

The extent to which roof services may be needed will vary greatly depending upon many factors: The age of the roof, roof type (i.e. metal roofing, shingle roofs, tile or flat roofs), the quality of the original roof installation, homeowner association and code requirements, and whether or not the roof had ever been maintained during ownership prior to foreclosure are the biggest factors.

Excel Roofing Contractors can quickly determine the current condition of the roof and underlying structural soundness, making recommendations to affordably strengthen, maintain and repair it as necessary, extending the roof's life, meeting all local, state and federal mandates.

The roof on that foreclosure may not be as bad as it looks!

Often times when homeowners, investors, realtors, local banks, mortgage servicing companies and even grass cutters in the field bidding remediation, see interior ceiling stains and other signs of a leaking roof in a foreclosure property or REO in the Jacksonville area, they think the roof is in bad condition. That is not always the case.

Small nail pops, shingles that have lifted, clogged gutters - even damage done to the roof from improper tarp placement - have the potential to cause interior leaks.

It does not take large roof leaks to cause the appearance of a severe stain on the inside ceiling.

Excel Roofing will quickly be able to trace the cause of the roof leak and give you a free quote for repair - or in worst case scenarios - a reroof or replacement estimate. Whether it is an REO or a foreclosure investment property, we understand that investor funds are tight. We have the experience to help alleviate the financial burden.

Need an Inspection Letter to purchase REO properties or a bank foreclosure?

If you are purchasing an REO or foreclosure, you may need what is called a "letter of inspection", especially if there is any visible sign of roof damage. If your property is located in the North Florida or metro Jacksonville Fl area, we will be delighted to assist you in evaluating the condition of your roof and providing such a letter, certifying the life expectancy of the existing roof.

Roofing and building preservation in the foreclosure, REO and investor markets require special attention. Excel Roofing in Jacksonville Florida (FL) has the experience necessary to help you maximize investor profits.

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